DWI Assessment If you need to schedule an assessment for a DWI, a Driving While License Revoked offense, or if you have a citation for operating a motor vehicle under age 21 while having alcohol in your blood, you are required to have a DWI Assessment. You will need a copy of your citation, the B.A.C. reading, and a recent N.C. Driving Record ( a non certified online pdf or your driving record will suffice) prior to your appointment. Call us or visit our FAQ page to answer questions about your ...

Counseling Services

Group: Group counseling is for those who may benefit from peer support. A screening will be done to ensure your eligibility and the appropriate group for your individual needs. Please click OK to schedule and appointment for screening. Click Cancel to close this box and return to DCCNC.


New clients can proceed to the online scheduling services. There you may schedule an alcohol assessments, consultations, or sign up for services needed to comply with recommendations. Or for other services such as Reviews or an intake to register for group or ADETS You will need t make arrangements to pay for assessments at time of scheduling. Select the services below or press the help button for assistance.