It is the policy of Dharma Counseling Services that all employees, contractors, students, volunteers and members of the governing authority are expected to perform their designated functions in a manner that reflects the highest standards of ethical behavior and quality of care.

It is expected that staff and members of the governing authority will perform their duties in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations in accordance with guidelines set forth in this policy. Violation of guidelines within the Code of Conduct Policy lead to disciplinary actions, up to, and sometimes, including termination of employment.

Dharma Counseling Services, LLC and its staff and employees shall conduct itself in a professional manner according to all specified professional disciplines.

Dharma Counseling, its Staff and Employees will:

A. Professional Conduct:
  • Respect the rights of all Persons Served according to the Rights and Responsibilities of Person Served Policies.
B. Personal/Professional Conduct:
  • Engage in professional relationships in strictest accordance of the ethical guidelines of our profession.
  • Not engage in any romantic or sexual relationship with a Person Served at any time according to specific professional disciplines.
C. Business/Marketing/Outreach Practices:
  • Ensure that all business practices are honest and ethical.
  • Not offer financial monetary rewards or gifts to entice persons to enter the program.
  • Staff will adhere to all the highest professional standards and codes of conduct.
D. Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  • Not engage in any outside business, personal or other relationships with Persons Served according to the ethical standards of our profession.
  • Not engage in outside employment or practice in any other program that may cause an actual or perceived conflict of interest without expressed written permission of the Clinical Director or CEO.
E. Necessity of Care/Fees/Billing:
  • Only provide those services that are consistent with generally accepted standards for treatment and are determined by the professional to be clinically necessary and appropriate and follow all associated ethical guidelines regarding setting fees, billing and collecting funds.
F. Personal and Confidential Information:
  • Dharma Counseling shall respect the confidentiality of all Persons Served, employees and the organization’s systems.
  • Confidential information shall not be revealed except with permission of the consumer or as required by law.
G. Creation and Retention of Records:
  • Record, including Persons Served, employee and company, records are accurately prepared and maintained in a manner and location as prescribed by law and organizational policy.
H. Government Investigation:
  • Shall cooperate fully with appropriately authorized governmental investigations and audits as required by applicable laws and ethical standards.
I. Prevention of Improper Referrals or Payments:
  • Not allow staff to accept, for themselves or for the organization, nor shall Dharma Counseling offer anything of value in exchange for referrals of business or the referral of consumers.
J. Antitrust Regulations:
  • Comply with all applicable federal and state antitrust laws.