DRUG TESTING Counseling Service in NC

Dharma Counseling Services provides Urine Drug Screens (UDS) for individuals, companies, or others who need or want this service. Our service is professional, confidential and does not require you to enroll in counseling. Our screening service provides prompt 48-72 hour turnaround time for laboratory results. Cost is very low for both lab tests and on the spot instant testing.

Dharma Counseling Service can ensure the highest quality chain of custody to ensure that your test results are accurate and confidential. Dharma Counseling Service has received extensive training in drug testing procedures and chain of custody to ensure accuracy and confidentiality. Our testing is the ideal choice for your private or professional drug testing needs.

Anyone in the community needing drug and alcohol testing is welcome, patients and non-patients alike. If you are participating in any alcohol or drug counseling at any program in our area, we can provide you with a urine drug screen. We are not a DOT certified collection site but we can recommend a DOT Certified Lab if that is your need.

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Fast, Easy Drug Screening. To setup an Urinalysis Screening today call Dharma Counseling Service:

Durham: 919-655-9077