Prime for LIfe and ADETS program

Prime for Life and ADETS Substance Abuse Education Programs and Schedules

All Prime For Life and ADETS participants must enroll in advance at Dharma Counseling. There are only 20 spaces allowed for each session. Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. The 16 hour Prime For Life program meets a variety of needs and to meet legal, school, job, etc. requirements.

Prime for Life /ADETS classes sell out quickly. To enroll, contact the Dharma Counseling at 919-655-9077. The cost of Prime for Life/ADETS for NC DWI participants is $160 per session. The cost for non-NC DWI participants may be slightly higher due to the cost of materials only. The State DWI office receives fees from all ADETS and DWI providers to offset some of the cost of the materials for NC DWI (508) clients only. There is never a cost to the taxpayer for any materials or services provided by Dharma Counseling Services.

To enroll, be prepared to pay the fees and bring the recommendation forms from the agency where you completed your assessment, if assessed elsewhere. According to NC DWI laws, a DWI assessment is valid for only months. Participants must begin attending ADETS classes within 6 months of completing the assessment. Enrolling within 6 months but starting classes later than 6 months still requires a new assessment according to statutes.

Dharma Counseling Services, utilizes the Prime For Life program as our ADETS programs. It is the standard best-practice model that is required for DWI ADETS programs.

State of NC DWI regulations prevent us from enrolling DWI ADETS clients without a current, valid lifetime driving record and proof of breathalyzer or blood alcohol content (BAC). State law allows no exceptions.

ADETS FEES = $160.00 (NO TAX)


2016 ADETS Schedules:

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